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The Ruby Color The color scale of a ruby can be a dark pink to a blood-red color. One may describe a ruby as a blood-red color. Rubies have an abundance of chromium and this is where the blood-red color comes from. The cousin to the ruby is the sapphire. The ruby is in a […]

Since time immemorial, adorning your body with ornaments and jewelry has been the norm especially among women. It has been the norm for so long, some of us even came along and found our mums, aunties and grannies adorning them. We didn’t even ask why, but joined the bandwagon seeing it is such a stylish […]

Mankind’s fascination with jewelry is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Kings would send gold, diamonds and gemstones to one another as a symbol of friendship, alliance and solidarity. In years past, gemstones were almost exclusively reserved for royalty and noblemen. Today, anyone who can afford it can wear it. Gemstones have always […]

THE RUBY PENDANT NECKLACE IS A MUST-HAVE While we all have our own choice of preferred precious jewelry, according to me, ruby is a must have in a woman’s wardrobe. And in what better form than a pendant! Yes, the Ruby Pendant Necklace! Or as i may term it – A priceless possession! A sparkling […]