The Ultimate Ruby Necklace Guide!

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Enjoying adorning oneself with jewelry is an inseparable characteristic of every woman. Since ever, women loved to pick, own, and wear ornaments and men knew that buying gemstones for women is the right thing to do in any occasion. One of the most magical places to choose your perfect jewelry or gift is the “Breathless Ruby Necklace!” online jewelry store.

As it’s name implies, this store offers truly breathless jewelry which will certainly please ladies with the utmost taste and various styles. Read on if you are interested in discovering the perfect ruby necklace guide, i.e. learning how to pick the best jewelry offered at “Breathless Ruby Necklace!”, containing helpful info on jewels and their best products.

The categories offered include the mega-popular ruby heart necklaces, ruby pendant necklaces, gold, silver and natural ruby necklaces, as well as models made of combination of ruby and diamonds, on silver, white or yellow gold base.

Ruby Heart Necklaces

This is perhaps the most popular category offered at “Breathless Ruby Necklace!”, as women belonging to different age groups enjoy wearing heart-shaped ruby jewelry. Heart-shaped gemstones are playful, vivid, youthful and elegant at the same time. The dominant colors present in this category are numerous nuances of red, pink and dark blue. However, the picky customers can find even green gemstone combinations. The offer of models is rather rich.

There are pieces with zircons, white gold base, pearl-shaped stones which only remind of heart-shape, unique diamond-puffed models, as well as a wide variety of ruby necklaces with different Swarovski elements. In this category, you can find exquisite pieces made of rubies and sapphires, based on silver, yellow or white gold. There are classic heart-shaped models and countless variations on theme, such as modern heart-like shapes, double-heart elements, intertwined heart shapes, pearl-shaped pieces and other interesting design combinations.

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The most appealing thing is the uniqueness of the jewelry, as each piece has a special touch. Additionally, you can find elegant and modern jewelry sets, containing ruby heart necklace and matching earrings. These models are perfect for presents, Valentine’s day and anniversaries, as they resemble and symbolize love and romance. Lately, special models with inscriptions became popular. These include “Love” and “Mom” versions which are suitable for presents for your friend, girlfriend, wife or mother.
Ruby Pendant Necklaces
This category from the ruby necklace guide includes a wide range of different shapes and styles of necklaces marked by oval, rectangular and circular-shaped gemstones in different colors. The most popular ones are red and blue. However, you can choose between purple, rose, pink and green stones. The greatest asset of this category of products is versatility of shapes and detailed ornamentation, as majority of these models are surrounded by numerous zircons, Swarovski elements or special kinds of silver which give it a unique and old silver appearance.
Gold Ruby Necklaces

In this category of the ruby necklace guide, you can find white or yellow gold based models. The chains vary from extremely thin ones for the extra-elegant look, to rather thick ones which support large gemstones and are very durable. You can choose between 10 k and 14 k gold. Special offer includes wedding sets. Vintage models include some unique pieces, such as wedding set composed of necklace, ring and earrings with mesmerizing red stone, surrounded by lots of tiny zircons, on gold base and elegant golden chain.
Natural Ruby Necklaces

Products from this category are perfect for ladies who prefer the natural looks, as the majority of stones resemble the genuine, oval-shaped gemstones. There are some extraordinary pearl and opal stone combinations in this category. The most recognizable characteristic of this jewelry is the organic-shaped gem protected by unique silver or gold ornaments.
Silver Ruby Necklaces

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Silver is best combined with blue, rose and green stones. The offer includes teardrop, oval, cross and organic shapes. There are pieces for the youngest ladies, specially designed for them. These include cat-shaped stones pendant on durable adjustable silver chain. They are perfect gifts for your daughter or sister.
Ruby and Diamond Necklaces

Even the finest taste can be satisfied by choosing one of the models from this category of the ruby necklace guide. Organic shaped-diamonds on silver, white gold or yellow gold base, ruby and diamond combinations, elegant minimalist designs, modern unusual shapes, rich vintage sets, … everything you imagine is available. There are some theme models as well, such as “Mother and Child” theme, “Mom” theme, “Love” theme, etc. They are symbolized through creative designs of pendants.

Customer Rapport

Breathless Ruby Necklace online shop cares about its customers. After seeing such breathtaking beauty at one place, the majority of people cannot easily make a decision on what to buy. Satisfaction of the customer comes first. This is why this online jewelry shop made the ruby necklace guide in the form of many helpful blog posts on their website. Some of the topics discussed include educational posts on the geological origin, nature and color of ruby stones.

The readers can learn why some stones have a certain color and the others differ in transparency, durability and shininess. Additionally, they are informed on the country of origin of the majority of gemstones today. Many blog posts on the website talk about the sentimental value of rubies. Additionally, as these stones are considered lucky charms, women appreciate and love wearing them. There are also many useful tips on how to combine classy sapphire, ruby or diamond jewelry with certain clothes.

Especially valuable pieces of advice refers to what to wear and what not to wear with diamond or ruby necklaces. Gentlemen will also appreciate tips on how to choose the proper piece of jewelry or set for ladies belonging to different age groups or for different occasions. Additionally, there are posts on the meaning of different colors associated with gemstones. This is especially important because your choice is sending a message when you are buying gemstones for someone else or wearing a gemstone in different circumstances. This is why referring to the ruby necklace guide can be extremely helpful.

The great products of “Breathless Ruby Necklace!” include floral necklaces, all types of ruby heart necklaces and combinations of rubies and diamonds. However, “De gustibus non est disputandum”, as the Latin proverb says, meaning “There is no arguing about taste”. Therefore, everyone who loves gemstones and unique, elegant and sophisticated jewelry will find the perfect piece in “Breathless Ruby Necklace!” online jewelry store.