How To Best Wear Your Ruby Necklace!

The ruby, being among the four precious gemstones, is considered highly valuable. Basically because of it’s strong mystic powers, its bright allure and beauty, and boldness. Worn by kings and great rulers in the olden times, the ruby’s worth hasn’t changed till date. Responsible for giving the wearer luck, great health and prosperity, the ruby is still sought by many for its huge gains. At the same time only few understand it’s greatness and also at the same time its negative effects, if worn inappropriately. However as much as it’s adored by many, one should master the art of wearing the ruby necklace in order to reap it’s full benefits.

Getting it’s color from the presence of the element Chromium in its structure The ruby has it’s color spread from pink to an even bolder pigeon red. Ranging with people’s personality, a person who is more outgoing, confident and ready to shine in a crowd can be able to wear a ruby necklace with the bright red color comfortably. On the other hand, wearing the very bold color of a ruby necklace while your personality states different, ends up disrupting a person’s image. Someone who is very reserved wearing a bold ruby would send out the wrong message, and at the same time a very outgoing and confident person wearing a pink ruby necklace would still be inappropriate.

Having a ruby necklace that is not cut to the appropriate carats will not give the person wearing it the absolute worth. The ruby necklace is among the few gemstones that need preparation before it is worn. It is advised that before putting on a ruby necklace the person should begin by putting on a ruby dream necklace, this is usually between 7 to 10 carats. This type of necklace is worn for around six months. The ruby dream necklace prepares the person who will wear a ruby necklace for the huge power shift involved. Unless one has been wearing one, it is not recommended that they increase the size. This causes a betterment in the affected areas be it family, work or even politics.


Any accessory worn where people are likely to instantly take notice of it, can be termed as a statement piece. It is usually bold and stands out from the rest. The ruby necklace can easily be one of those items, having bold colors such as red and also pink, depending on the color of your outfit. One very important tip is that only one piece of a ruby should be worn in a statement necklace. Wearing more than one piece gives the necklace a distorted appeal and the person wearing it loses the distinct character that comes with the respective ruby.

As pricey or valuable as it comes, knowing how to put it on with different attire is very important. The neckline is one thing to consider, this is a term that is usually common among women. It is the area just above the edge of the garment and just below the neck. Different attire can give different kinds of necklines. A garment that has a neckline with a V-shaped neckline will certainly show more of the chest region than one with a collar buttoning to the top.

All these different attires can still be worn with ruby necklaces and the person wearing it will still look awesome. A ruby necklace that has a long cord would look better on a person who has a longer neckline, same applies to a person with a shorter neckline. That person would look better with a ruby necklace that has a shorter cord. Ruby necklaces are elegant when worn appropriately with the right attire. It is easily able to bring out a person’s charisma and reduce or increase the hue of a person’s skin

A person with a more round neckline would even look better with a strangle type. This suits the neck of the person and brings out a distinct feature from the rest of the body. Men are commonly spotted wearing ruby necklaces in different ways too, with their shirts loosely buttoned.

This makes the ruby visible from the chest. This in turn adds an allure of seduction, it is proven that men putting on ruby necklaces got spouses faster than those without. Seamlessly, the ruby necklace can still be worn even without really exposing kind of neckline. A man with a very little neckline can still wear the ruby necklace on top of a garment, bringing out the bold color of the ruby and perfectly illuminating the whole attire as a statement piece with an element of confidence.


Ruby necklaces are known to give a polish of greatness to the person wearing it. In the case of a woman wearing the necklace with a very bright colored dress, it is able to tone down the color and give the dress a normal look. Not to be mistaken as only a piece to be worn in special events and gatherings the ruby necklace can also be worn during normal days with casual garments. This gives the person wearing it a more relaxed feeling and an increase in confidence.

As much as the ruby necklace comes in handy in daily experiences and gatherings, it is true to say that it’s use has stretched far beyond the imaginable and there’s still more to come for this precious stone. It’s value is still to remain high and it’s uses are still expanding every day. With new fashion trends and the desire to look good, the future is bright for the ruby necklace.