Why Are Ruby Pendant Necklaces So Lovable?

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While we all have our own choice of preferred precious jewelry, according to me, ruby is a must have in a woman’s wardrobe. And in what better form than a pendant! Yes, the Ruby Pendant Necklace! Or as i may term it – A priceless possession! A sparkling red stone, hanging from your neck with a gold or silver chain, spells out luxury! No matter where you adorn it, you are going to leave all heads turning towards you with awe and envy. Diamonds may have been your best friends, but this pendant is going to change all of that for you!


Rubies are gemstones that are made up of a mineral called corundum. There are many different varieties of rubies available on the market depending on their quality. The darker the color of the gemstone, the more costly it is. Also, the various cuts and clarity determine it’s value. In some parts of the world, ruby is often termed as “pink sapphire” as well. Usually lighter versions of ruby are called pink sapphires. Its hardness and strength is quite similar to that of a sapphire as they both are formed because of the same mineral “corundum” . They have been found in many parts of the world, spreading across few continents.

Rubies represent love, passion and power. It’s also the birthstone for the people who are born in July. It is considered to be the “King of precious stones”. No wonder why they are so loved and always in demand!


Delicate luxurious jewelry has always been the fashion trend for a royal statement look. From diamonds to emeralds, ladies have never really stopped obsessing over them. Which is why the Ruby Pendant Necklace has always stayed in fashion, without looking “old school”. Even celebrities have always shown their love for it on the glamorous red carpet from which great inspiration can be taken.


Another appealing thing about these pendants are their versatility. They can be worn for numerous events and locations. Whether you have a formal brunch date with your girl gang coming up , a late night formal date with your boyfriend , a big wedding to attend next weekend , or any special office occasion , you can get dressed up and jazz up that outfit with the Ruby Pendant Necklace. Also, we ladies are well aware of the huge struggles we go through to match our outfits with our accessories. We always find it a difficult task to find the appropriate accessory to complete our outfit. So the good news is, that you won’t have to do so again because these pendants match just about every outfit and look equally beautiful on every single dress that you wear.

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Many prefer diamond pendant necklaces over the Ruby Pendant Necklace as they find it much more neutral and wearable. But according to me, ruby pendants are equally wearable as the diamonds. The color red might be the reason why people might have an opinion of terming it as a “non-daily wear” item, but in reality, it is one of the most beautiful gems to wear even if it’s on a daily basis. Nor does it look too loud being red. Neither does it look “over the top” . So do not be intimidated by this thought. As mentioned earlier, it looks equally stunning on everything you wear and everywhere you go.


Your wardrobe might have plenty of clothes that you can play around with to pair that stunning pendant. But for those of you who are confused, and want a certain idea of how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe, here are some suggestions: For example: You can wear a solid light colored shirt or top with jeans and wear the necklace along with it, or you can also wear it with a really pretty deep neck dress to let the ruby pendant shine and catch everyone’s attention. If you want to wear it to a wedding function, then make sure you tie your hair in a bun and keep the other accessories very minimal to keep all the focus on the “gemstone”.

Another reason why Ruby Pendant Necklaces might be very appealing to some could be due to financial perspectives. Ruby, being a precious gemstone, has a high market value with an increasing demand. This makes for a good investment. From the investment point of view, gems have a huge market. And being considered the king of all gems, the ruby can prove out to be a profitable investment that may yield great returns in the future.

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Ruby pendants come in many pretty styles that make these even more lovable. The first classification is the size. The small sized ruby pendants are usually for daily wear. The large statement rubies are reserved for special occasions. The color among rubies also varies a lot. They are classified on the basis of clarity as well. Some pendants are studded with diamonds on the borders , while some are studded with emeralds. The classic tear drop shape pendant is quite popular when it comes to designs. Even rectangular and oval shaped pendants are among the most frequently seen designs.

At last all i would say is, that yes, a ruby pendant necklace may cost you a little heavy on the pocket and it might pinch you to spend on it. But it is definitely worth every penny of your money spent! (Also, you have the right to occasionally indulge yourself in a little treat) You may be having a hundred pendants already among which you might hardly use five, but this pendant is not going to be sitting idle in your dressing room. Its charm is going to make all the other women take inspiration from you. So the next time you go on a shopping spree, do not forget to add this little “goody” to your list, to change your accessories game forever! 🙂