What Makes The Ruby Heart Necklace So Universally Appealing?

ruby heart necklace - Heart

Mankind’s fascination with jewelry is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Kings would send gold, diamonds and gemstones to one another as a symbol of friendship, alliance and solidarity. In years past, gemstones were almost exclusively reserved for royalty and noblemen. Today, anyone who can afford it can wear it. Gemstones have always been a means of accentuating both female and male beauty. Ruby heart necklaces may not go back thousands of years but have become some of the most appealing pieces out there.

When owned by family matriarchs, these necklaces are often considered family treasures and handed down from one generation to the next. While gemstones have often been associated with class, wealth and prestige, the peculiar thing about ruby gemstones is that they also carry a certain air of simplicity. The heart-shaped gemstone design in particular is one that has remained popular for generations. It has outlasted many other passing design fads and continues to be a part of many people’s most precious jewelry items.

The following is a look at just some of the many reasons ruby heart necklaces have remained so popular.

Timeless Design:

The heart symbol stands for so many admirable things. Love, concern, friendship, loyalty, bond, sensitivity and compassion are just some of the many emotions that come to mind. Few human symbols have such a wide and universally-recognizable range of positive connotations. The fact that ruby is a shade of red only adds to the allure. Offered as a gift to a friend or loved one, a ruby heart necklace is bound to excite feelings of appreciation and tenderness.

ruby heart necklace - checkered heart

Celebration of Craftsmanship:

Ruby hearts are a celebration of human craftsmanship. Elaborately sculpted, they are designed to last for generations with only minimal maintenance (e.g. giving them a good polish every so often). At a time when so many things are factory-produced and automation is viewed as the end state for all production processes, these gemstones are a demonstration of just how beautiful items made with creative human hands can be.


One of the most awkward things that can happen to anyone is to step into a major evening event only to find someone dressed exactly like you. Considering the fact that a lot of attire bought in stores is actually mass produced, there is a decent chance that your favorite dress is also someone else’s favorite. You could go all out to look for a dress that no one else owns but there is never a guarantee that someone else won’t show up for the same function with identical attire. One of the ways you can ensure that you still look unique even when wearing an identical dress with someone at the same function is by accessorizing. A ruby heart necklace has character and should be one of your top picks if you are really looking for that uniqueness.

A Statement of Class:

Being unique is one thing; being classy is another. There are numerous options for jewelry nowadays all depending on your taste and budget. Finding jewelry that is different from everyone else’ is not that difficult. However, finding jewelry that exudes class is a significantly more difficult endeavor. The reason gemstone jewelry is more expensive than most other jewelry is the class factor. When you wear a ruby heart necklace, it is in many ways a statement of your self-perceived stature in society. It tells any person you meet that you are a cut above the rest and are not ashamed to show it. Simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication and this necklace has tons of it. The heart design ensures the necklace makes a powerful fashion and status statement.

Symbol of Good Luck:

Gemstones have traditionally been considered an emblem of good luck and have been a key component of astrology. However, even if you are not superstitious, the good luck charm is often down to the symbolism of the item itself. Unlike certain pieces of jewelry such as bangles, necklaces (just like earrings) can be worn to almost any occasion. From the office to a wedding to an evening party, there is almost no situation where wearing a ruby heart necklace will make you feel out of place. This makes it a popular good luck symbol handed to people by their parents, grandparents or close friends. Since it is something you can wear virtually everywhere you go, you will always feel that the positive thoughts of your loved ones are ever close by.

ruby heart necklace - silver heart

An Ice-Breaker:

Let’s face it, dates (especially blind dates) can be incredibly boring. If you are particularly unlucky, you could find yourself out on a date that is probably less exciting than your monotonous weekly departmental meetings at the office. Have you ever met someone and after exchanging pleasantries and discussing the weather you are left in a tense, weird silence? This happens even to the most extroverted among us. Well, you will be surprised how much wearing a ruby heart necklace can help thaw the ice. It is almost inevitable that your date will comment on how beautiful it is and want to know where you bought it. It will be even better for the conversation if there is some personal or family history behind it. What seemed destined to be a drab forgettable evening could end up with both of you sucked into animated conversation.

Spiritual and Mental Well-Being:

When a ruby heart necklace was a gift from someone close to you, it is bound to fill you with positive emotions every time you think about it. Nevertheless, even when the necklace was not a gift from a loved one, you are likely to experience warm feelings whenever you look at it. There is just something about the ruby gemstone that boosts one’s self-esteem. You should consider buying the necklace for any person close to you battling with depression and despair. Just seeing them light up will make your day and they will always know someone cares about them no matter what they are going through.

So, there you have it. The ruby heart necklace is as close as you can get to a jewelry piece that is suitable for all seasons.