Learning More About Ruby Necklaces!

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The Ruby Color

The color scale of a ruby can be a dark pink to a blood-red color. One may describe a ruby as a blood-red color. Rubies have an abundance of chromium and this is where the blood-red color comes from. The cousin to the ruby is the sapphire. The ruby is in a class of four valuable stones. This elite group of gems includes the ruby, diamond, emerald, and sapphire. As far as the cost of a quality ruby goes, it depends largely on how deep, rich, and red the ruby is. The common term for the brightest and highest quality of ruby is referred to as pigeon blood-red. The pigeon blood-red color will command a higher price. Other factors also come into play, as the clarity of the gem, the cut of the gem and the total carat or weight of that particular stone. Most rubies are treated; however, it is the untreated ruby that commands the highest price.

Where Do The Majority Of Rubies Come From?

For years Burma was the major source for the mining of rubies. The supply of rubies in this area has since been decreasing. Very recently there has been a major ruby find in Namya located in the northern state of Kachin. Other sources for some of the best rubies mined come out of Thailand, The District of Cambodia, India Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Namya is now considered the major mining country for this gem. Other sources include Tanzania, Madagascar, Nepal, Tajikistan, and Vietnam. Although this exquisite gem has been mined in the United States in the Carolinas, Wyoming, and Montana they are not major sources for this gem. Most recently a large deposit of ruby has been found in Greenland.
The Ruby Necklace Commands Attention

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While ruby jewelry is exquisite and popular among many women, it is the ruby necklace that commands the attention of gem enthusiasts. There are so many options for ruby necklaces. These gems can be paired with diamonds or hung by themselves on a quality white or yellow gold chain. Some like a more vintage design such as a brocade type chain. Some women prefer one single gem others prefer the gem be surrounded by other gems such as small diamonds or pearls. With each gem added, the price of course will rise. The cut of the gem itself has a variety of cuts such as the pear, tear drop, and leaf to list just a few choices.

A gift to the woman in your life of a ruby necklace will certainly surprise her and command her attention. This precious gem is loved and admired by all women.

Getting off the topic a bit, gold has been receiving an immense amount of attention in terms of value and real worth. Investors have begun seeing it as being a steady resource of investment.

Yet, the actual fact cannot be disregarded that gold is, another attractive ornament. It has turned out to be a strong commodity, but there was a time when it absolutely was utilized and obtained extensively for jewelry reasons.
Re-focusing on Ruby Necklaces, numerous stones have also emerged that can be blended with each other and provides a completely enhanced and desirable seam. As an illustration, you could readily locate gold necklaces studded with emerald, pearls, sapphire and rubies. These stones are much cherished nonetheless chances are you’ll basically uncover replicas all across the globe. Stones are typically much more distinguished inside a necklace. They serve well as extra colors to be added to the canvas.
You might find gold in several forms. Some are labeled as designers, common, modern-day and fancy. They’ve got distinctive designs and layouts, but all include a conventional appearance.

When you go to a jewelry shop, you shall see a broad collection of gold necklaces that could incorporate hand created harems, floral necklace sets that happen to be usually studded with artificial stones, and gold necklaces which have been fitted with marquise-shaped emeralds. You may additionally discover gold harems for brides, regular hand-crafted gold necklaces, and rhodium coated ones and a few are antique styled.