9 Reasons That Make The Natural Ruby Necklace Perfect For You!

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Walk into a jewelry store and you easily notice the ruby. The interesting thing about the red ruby is it’s vibrant red hue which can be used alongside precious metals in jewelry. Rubies are great for complementing other gemstones in necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelet and watches. Due to their variable lengths and widths, necklaces give more room for the alignment of rubies and when worn, the centerpiece is easily seen. A Natural Ruby Necklace is an excellent choice and here are 9 top reasons why it is fairly valuable, desirable and fashionable.

1. Rubies Are Rare Precious Stones

In ancient China, rubies were so highly valued that they were deemed as rare gems. Up until today, a gift such as a necklace endowed in rubies shows how much respect and value the giver has for you. This esteem for rubies is not only shown in China alone but also in many other parts of the world. The rare nature in rubies makes it highly valuable and though there are other less valuable red ruby lookalike gems, natural ruby is a rare find and if you get one at an affordable price, then you must be very lucky. There are two types of rubies that are extremely rare and valuable; large rubies and deep red colored rubies with a fine finish and heavy transparency.

2. The Star Effect Is Charming

The star effect is the natural hexagonal matrix shape that most rubies are presented in. A transparent ruby with a fine finish and star effect has an alluring appearance that is captivating to the soul. It is in the same manner that you tell apart the Natural Ruby Necklace from an assortment of fakes.

3. Rubies Are Considered Lucky Charm Gems

For luck reasons, most individuals prefer rubies as an ideal gem as part of their jewelry. Astrologists and spiritualist are at the top of this list and they believe that rubies are a symbol of the sun. The sun is a strong pillar signifying aspects like courage, authority, ambitiousness, power, kindness, generosity and boldness. The idea here is that if a person wears the ruby, its strong aspects would therefore impact his/ her life. It is also believed that rubies are a powerful force in curing diseases like ulcers, fever, gout, boils insomnia and heart disease.

4. It’s Hardness

Ruby’s hardness is second only to diamond. You can apply as much pressure and force on a ruby but it would still remain intact, hard to the core. For jewelry pieces like a necklace pendant, a brittle gem would be inadequate. Think of the many unpredictable accidents that may occur. The hardness also gives it some credit while shaping and carving likewise it can be held in place firmly for longer.

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5. Rubies Are Perfect For Formal Events To Cocktail Parties

Wearing your Natural Ruby Necklace to a dressy event will give you the elegance to match the theme. Not to say that you cannot wear it regularly in common attire but it would be best if you saved the jewelry for more fashionable occasions. The red ruby is a stunning complement to cocktail dresses and the sparkle around your neck will draw envious attention. Another reason why it would be wise to preserve rubies for formal occasions is it’s value, which can be a major distraction and cause for negative attention if worn to venues where opportunists are most likely to pounce on you.

6. Ideal For 40th Anniversary Gifts

Rubies are considered the best choice gem for 40th anniversaries in weddings, birthdays and any other occasion that is marking its 40th year. Gifting your spouse or loved one with a Natural Ruby Necklace will create a sentimental bond to the memories you shared together over the 40 years.

7. It Is A Birthstone For July Babies

People born in the month of July are associated with rubies. Wearing a Natural Ruby Necklace and having it for a birthstone can definitely point luck your way and above all it means that you are a ruby baby, therefore loyal, aggressive, confident, caring and loving.

8. A Significant Gem In Numerology

The science of numerology attaches much significance to rubies and apparently correlates with the number 1. As usual this number identifies greatness, equality/oneness, victory, individuality and leadership so if your child tops the tests, an ideal gift would be a Natural Ruby Necklace.

9. Only Known Gem That Doesn’t Demand Too Much Care

Due to it’s cost and value, owning a ruby necklace may give you some drifty thoughts on how to care for it so that it lasts longer, probably generations. Worry not because caring for rubies is as easy as A, B, C. Ensure that you have a steady supply of any jewelry cleanser. If you wear your necklace quite often then it would be advisable to clean it regularly. Place the gem area under a magnifying tool, spray the cleanser directly onto the gem, gently scrub with a soft bristled brush and wipe off any foam with clean cotton ball.

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Conclusion: The Mystery Unraveled

Perhaps rubies have been a mystery to you for so long that you were always hazy when considering it as a gem for your jewelry. Its never safe to purchase items due to a vague perception, so we are happy to bring some clarity to what you might have heard about rubies. Having a Natural Ruby Necklace in your jewelry collection is more than a fashion upgrade; you get to add more value to your entire wardrobe. The secret to buying jewelry is knowing and understanding what you are buying. These 9 reasons unravel the ruby mystery and we hope you will better appreciate that rubies are worth more than your ordinary everyday gem.