The Enchanting Natural Ruby Necklace!


natural ruby necklace - natural gemstone
Nature has endowed us with many of it’s gifts and gem stones are one of them. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that gem stones have been here since the beginning of time and has helped mankind to increase the aesthetic value of many things – from being added to great swords to being placed on precious metals.

The gem stones have been used in so many ways. The word ruby is derived from the Latin word ‘ruber’ which means red. The ruby is very rare in nature and it’s value can be estimated by analyzing the fact that in ancient times it was considered to be a commodity possessed only by the rich folks.

Times changed, and few of the gem stones that were rare, but could be obtained by the process of mining, were introduced in jewelry. Many ideas and trends experienced ups and downs in terms of popularity, but natural ruby necklaces have been the source of fascination for a very long time.

The natural ruby necklaces are not only famous for being the epitome of beauty, but they also hold many other merits as well. It is observed that the natural ruby gem stone emits positive energy and is considered to grab the attention of almost every on-looker.



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An Excellent Choice

This makes the ruby an excellent choice if one intends to dress to impress. Most women love to have necklaces that they can adorn on various occasions, and having a natural ruby necklace in their collection can act as a savior. They are so unique and magnificent that people cannot ignore the sight of a beautifully crafted natural ruby necklace.

There are many factors that contribute to the uniqueness of ruby necklaces other than the notion that the ruby is a very rare gem stone that strikes the inner most envious chords of the viewers. The first one on the list would be the crisp color of the gem that makes it desirable and versatile, making it easy for women to pair it up with almost all the options they have in their wardrobe.

The vibrant red color represents the value of the gem, more deeper and darker colors represent the high value of the ruby. Nobody understands the complexity, yet necessity of color combinations better than women.

Every time it comes down to choosing a necklace that would compliment their dress, Whether it is a traditional attire one is planning to adorn, or a modern day dress, the versatile natural ruby necklaces are the perfect choice.



The second factor on the list would be the clarity that a ruby possesses. A natural ruby necklace that has the transparency equal to that of an emerald or a diamond is observed to be “quite valuable.” A natural ruby necklace with an aesthetic design, deep color, with great clarity is the only thing that is needed to grab the attention of people.

Chromium, the chemical that creates the deep red color of ruby, is indirectly responsible for the transparency of the gem as well. Hence, one should always consider, if financially possible, the natural ruby necklaces as they are not artificially enhanced to pump up the aesthetic values and are melded with fascinating jewelry designs to create an ever lasting impression.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of natural ruby necklaces is the fact that it not only attracts attention of the people around but also exhibits some extra-ordinary benefits as well. It is perceived that the ruby has the ability to enhance the blood circulation of the wearer along with many other medical advantages.


natural ruby necklace - -- gold chain


Other Meanings

There is a popular belief that when men wear the ruby necklaces, it depicts manhood and the wearer’s noble nature. While on the other hand, when women wear the natural ruby necklace it invokes passion and love, giving the gem the title of ‘King of the Gems’.

It is believed that one who adorns a natural ruby necklace is endowed with improved self reliance or confidence as well as a boost in spirituality.

Yet another set of advantages that are observed after using a natural ruby necklace is improvement in inner-capabilities like creativity, wisdom and an ability to remain calm in agitating circumstances. So it can be inferred that the ruby, the king of gems, provides the wearer with a better of sense of satisfaction along with improved health.

Individuals indulged in certain professions can also benefit from wearing a natural ruby necklace, for instance the ruby stone can be of assistance for people involved in a profession where fame or approval from colleagues is required to be successful. The ruby gem stone tends to inflict courage, concentration and humbleness on the wearer. 


natural ruby necklace pendant


These factors contribute largely in augmenting the uniqueness and value of natural ruby necklaces which are adorned by many throughout the globe. The versatile nature of this king of gems can be witnessed as it has so many benefits and influence in so many aspects of the life of the wearer, and can be adorned in several different ways.

Contradictory to common beliefs, a natural ruby necklace can be worn by men or women casually. There are many ways to wear the ruby that has nothing to do with extravagant designs, like adorning the gem as a pendant or melding it with a magnificent metal. The ruby gem can be used in almost every form of jewelry and has an enchanting aesthetic enchanting quality, making it unique and magnificent!